An Exciting Transition at NPC as Founder Retires

In January 2015, Dr. Michael Finigan, company founder and former President, and his wife, Veronica Roth-Finigan, who was the company’s Vice President of Finance, retired after 25 years of service. NPC’s three Vice Presidents assumed leadership of the firm through a collaborative management model as Co-Presidents. Each has specific responsibilities in addition to sharing overall leadership and management.

Dr. Shannon M. Carey
Director of Development


Dr. Juliette R. Mackin
Director of Quality and Training


Jerod M. Tarte, M.A.
Director of Finance and Operations

LMT_0215 rev

Juliette Mackin, Jerod Tarte, and Shannon Carey

Along with the leadership transition at the start of 2015, the company began a transition to employee ownership. NPC will maintain the company focus on policy relevance and program improvement; dedication to high-quality services; cultural responsiveness; and family friendly, flexible, and caring workplace. These changes will reinforce employee engagement and commitment to our purpose and clients.