10 Key Components Best Practices Study

Status: complete

Research Purpose: NPC Research analyzed data from multiple drug court studies in order to determine how adult drug courts were implementing the 10 Key Components of Drug Court; what practices and procedures that fall within the 10 Key Components were common to most or all sites; what practices varied among sites; what practices and procedures were associated with positive outcomes; and what best practices could be identified from these results.

Project Design: This project involved secondary data analysis of process, outcome, and cost study data collected by NPC Research for numerous drug court evaluations across the nation.

Funding Source: National Association of Drug Court Professionals, National Drug Court Institute

Start Date: January 2010

Project Team

Principal Investigators

Shannon Carey, Ph.D.

Juliette Mackin, Ph.D.

Project Team

Theresa Herrera Allen, Ph.D.

Jennifer Aborn, B.S.