An Evaluation Plan for the Oregon Natural Resources Council

Status: complete

NPC Research designed an evaluation plan that Oregon Natural Resources Council (ONRC) could initiate internally and periodically. NPC examined the organization’s existing data collection efforts and facilitated the development of an outcome-based, self-evaluation model. An empowerment evaluation approach provided useful information for the ONRC board and staff decision-making regarding resource allocation and cost-effectiveness, and included both process and outcome components.

The evaluation plan was designed to answer various policy questions. For example, were the activities and strategies undertaken by ONRC achieving the anticipated outcomes? Further, how did ONRC overcome the challenges it faced in measuring success? It also was important to identify the amount of money and time that it will take for ONRC to conduct a meaningful evaluation. ONRC, a conservation consortium promoting environmental protection, is committed to educating the public and influencing public servants through legal and legislative processes. The nonprofit changed its name to Oregon Wild in 2006.

Project Team

Research Coordinator

Robbianne Cole, M.F.R.

Research Consultant

Juliette Mackin, Ph.D.