An Outcome Program Evaluation of the Multnomah County STOP Drug Diversion

Status: complete

NPC was hired to evaluate the STOP program, which was implemented in 1991 to reduce the increasing backlog of drug cases in Multnomah County and to encourage treatment for those charged with first offense drug charges. In 1995 certain enhancements were added to expand the target population and to provide additional access to health, mental health, family intervention, resource coordination, and aftercare services. The NPC study found that program participants and particularly program graduates had significantly and substantially fewer subsequent arrests and convictions, particularly serious felony arrests. They also had lower rates of drug-related arrests, suggesting that the program nay have had an effect in lowering their involvement with drugs.

Project Team

Project Manager

Michael Finigan, Ph.D.

Reports and Publications:

Finigan, M. W. (Jan. 1998) An outcome program evaluation of the Multnomah County S.T.O.P. Drug Diversion Program Report prepared for Multnomah County Department of Community Corrections. NPC Research: Portland, OR.
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