Children’s Justice Act Evaluation

Status: complete

The purpose of the grant awarded to Clackamas County Circuit Court was to have an external consultant gather documentation to determine why cases that go beyond the 60-day statute (ORS 419B.305) are not resolved within the target 60-day period. The court’s interest lies in gaining an outside perspective of the workings of the system and recommendations for how to increase the efficiency and coordination of dependency case processing. NPC Research was selected to help examine dependency cases that had jurisdiction established both sooner, as well as later than the 60-day statute. One of NPC’s goals was to help identify common areas in those cases that take longer than 60 days to establish jurisdiction, and offer some suggestions for decreasing the time period between case filing and jurisdiction.

Project Team

Evaluation Director
Shannon Carey, Ph.D.

Research Coordinator
Jerod Tarte, M.A.