Clackamas County Adult Drug Court, Trauma-Informed Program, Enhancement Project

Status: current

Purpose: The Clackamas County Adult Drug Court (CCADC) is enhancing its program by offering Trauma-Informed care to its participants. The project will implement trauma-informed care for its drug court participants through training for staff in evidence based trauma treatment practices. Through this training, the program intends to increase the capacity of CCADC team members to understand the interplay of trauma and addiction in order to address the needs of its participants, increase access to a continuum of treatment services and increase the drug court’s capacity from 45 to 60 active participants.

Project Design: This project begins with a process study, looking specifically at the program’s adherence to the 10 Key Components of adult drug courts. The process study will also report on the implementation of trauma treatment practices by the drug court staff. In the final year of the study, we will complete an outcome study that compares rates of recidivism for the CCADC population who received trauma-informed care with an earlier group of CCADC participants who did not received trauma-informed services.

Funding Source: The Clackamas County Adult Drug Court (CCADC), Trauma-Informed Program is funded by a grant from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Start Date: October 2014

Project Team

Principal Investigator

Tamara Perkins, Ph.D.

Project Staff

Theresa Herrera Allen, Ph.D.