Clackamas County Drug Court Evaluation

Status: complete

NPC Research conducted a process evaluation of Clackamas County’s Juvenile and Adult Drug Courts using the 10 Key Components of Drug Courts as a framework. The process evaluation included site visits, focus groups, key informant interviews, document review, and administrative data analysis. NPC Research also conducted outcome evaluations at both Clackamas County Drug Courts, gathering data from administrative databases on drug court participants and a comparison group of similar offenders who had not participated in drug court. In addition, NPC Research conducted interviews with families of juvenile drug court participants to obtain more detailed information on outcomes, such as family relationships, social functioning, and family participation.

Project Team

Project Manager

Shannon Carey, Ph.D.

Project Director

Michael Finigan, Ph.D.

Research Coordinator

Jerod Tarte, M.A.

Reports and Publications:

Carey, S. M., Weller, J. M., & Roth, R. (July 2003) Clackamas County Juvenile Drug Court Process Evaluation: Final Report. NPC Research: Portland, OR.
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