Criminal Justice Diversion Program

Status: complete

Individuals with co-occurring mental illness and substance abuse were diverted prior to arrest and treated at the Crisis Triage Center, which worked closely with community-based organizations in developing a plan for individuals following treatment. In January 1999, NPC began interviewing all individuals with these co-occurring disorders who were identified at Inverness Jail and at the CTC. NPC continued interviewing until February 29, 2000 (N = 200). These individuals were interviewed again at 3- and 12-month follow-up time periods. In addition to the participant interviews, NPC also conducted a process study using both qualitative and quantitative methods, analyzing existing criminal justice and treatment data, performing a cost study, and examining level of service integration within the county.

Reports and Publications:

Gratton, J., Cole, R. T. M., Furrer, C. J., Finigan, M. W., Lucas, L. M., & Rumptz, M. H. (Nov. 2001) Jail Diversion for Persons with Co-Occurring Disorders: SAMHSA Grant no. 92-230 Final Report. NPC Research: Portland, OR.
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