District of Columbia Adult Drug Court

Status: complete

Purpose: The District of Columbia Courts (D.C. Courts) contracted with NPC Research to conduct a program evaluation of the Superior Court Drug Intervention Program for new cases filed during a 6-month period in calendar year 2012, with an additional 12-month follow-up period for each defendant to assess any re-offending activity. The work was conducted in two parts: 1) Process Evaluation and 2) Outcome Evaluation.

Research Questions: There were several research questions described in the RFP including the request for information on program process such as a detailed description of the ADC population and their experience in the program – the frequency of treatment sessions, court hearings, sanctions and incentives, graduation rates, participant perception of fairness, etc. Also of interest were the program implementation model and treatment services. Questions related to outcome analyses included whether the program was bringing participants to graduation in the intended time frame, whether recidivism was reduced for ADC participants compared to non-ADC participants, and the costs and benefits of the program.

Funding Source: District of Columbia Courts

Start Date: October 2012

Project Team

Principal Investigator

Shannon Carey, Ph.D.

Project Director

Chad Rodi, Ph.D.

Cost Analyst

Mark Waller, B.A.

Project Staff

Kate Kissick, B.A.