Early Head Start (Pittsburgh) Longitudinal Research Project

Status: complete

Purpose: The purpose of this study was to determine the effectiveness of home visiting services to families with young children. The research focused on understanding how the EHS program influences families’ relationships and self-efficacy as key mediators of program effectiveness. One of 17 sites that comprised the first national evaluation of Early Head Start, this project followed children and families from birth through the 5th grade.  See http://www.acf.hhs.gov/programs/opre/project/projectIndex.jsp#ehs
for more information about the national study and related publications.

Project Design:  The national study used a  randomized design to assess EHS program impacts. Extensive data are being collected, including observational, interview, and survey data from over 2000 children, parents, and teachers. Child assessment data are collected for a national cross-site study of program impact.

Funding Source: U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Administration for Children, Youth and Families, Head Start Bureau

Start Date: October 1996

Project Team

Co-Principal Investigators

Beth L. Green , Ph.D.

Project Collaborator

Tammy Thompson, M. A.
University of Pittsburgh

Reports and Publications:

Korfmacher, J., Green, B. L., Peterson, C., Roggman, L., Cooke, G., Rector, F., Faldowski, R., & Schiffman, R. (2008) Parent involvement in early childhood home visiting: A conceptual model Child and Youth Care Forum.
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Raikes, H., Green, B. L., Atwater, J., Kisker, E., Constantine, J., & Chazan-Cohen, R. (Jan. 2006) Involvement in Early Head Start home visiting services: Demographic predictors and relations to child and parent outcomes Early Childhood Research Quarterly 21, pp. 2-24.
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McAllister, C. L., Wilson, P. C., Green, B. L., & Baldwin, J. L. (April 2005) “Come and Take a Walk”: Listening to Early Head Start Parents on School-Readiness as a Matter of Child, Family, and Community Health American Journal of Public Health(95)4, 617-625

Green, B. L. (June 2003) Effective Models for Mental Health Consultation in Early Childhood Settings NPC Research: Portland, OR.
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Green, B. L., Mulvey, L., Fisher, H., & Rudacille, F. (1996) Integrating program and evaluation values: A family support approach to evaluation. Evaluation Practice, 17(3), pp 261–272.