Evaluation of Noble County (IN) Smart Probation Program

Status: current

Project Purpose: NPC is collaborating with Noble County Probation Department and Courts to evaluate the process, outcomes and costs associated with implementing their Smart probation program. The County’s initiative focuses on using risk assessment information earlier in the court process, providing more rapid access to programs and services, and tailoring probation requirements to the participants’ needs. These improvements, funded by the Bureau of Justice Assistance, are designed to reduce recidivism and identify efficiencies in service delivery. Information drawn from the evaluation may also be used to support replication in other jurisdictions.

Project Design: The process study includes document review, direct observations, interviews and focus groups with key stakeholders including professionals from the court, probation, and substance abuse treatment, as well as program participants. The outcome study includes data systems assessment, database design, and quantitative analyses of multiple agency data sets.

Funding Source: Bureau of Justice Assistance

Start Date: 2015

Project Team

Principal Investigator

Chad Rodi, Ph.D.


Marny Rivera, Ph.D.

Charlene Zil, M.P.A.