Evaluation of the California Children’s Justice Act

Status: current

Purpose: The California Children’s Justice Act (CJA) Taskforce and California Office of  Emergency Services (Cal OES) provided grants to law enforcement agencies around the state to establish a specialized response for children exposed to domestic violence that entailed collaborating with domestic violence advocacy agencies and child protective services (and other community services as needed). The evaluation examines (1) the implementation of the grants, exploring the structure and functioning of the specialized response programs, and (2) the impact of the grant on the system’s response to violence-exposed children.

Project Design: The first phase of the study entails a process evaluation of the first two cohorts of funded sites, conducted via site visits and extensive interviews with law enforcement, child protective services, domestic violence advocacy, and other affiliated program staff. The second phase of the study involves NPC using the process evaluation findings to develop a model program template and working with the Taskforce and Cal OES to design and implement a cross-site evaluation for the current and future grantees.

Funding Source: California Office of Emergency Services

Start Date: January 2013

Project Team

Principal Investigator & Project Director

Kelly Jarvis, Ph.D.

Project Staff

Charlene Zil, M.P.A.