Family Law Learning Network

Status: current

Project Purpose: The DC Bar Foundation established the Family Law Learning Network (FLLN) by bringing together six civil legal services organizations working in family law. The network’s purpose is twofold: (1) to increase organizations’ capacity for evaluation, data usage, and data-driven decisions making, and (2) to create meaningful connections among service providers to support information sharing and collective learning in the field, generating opportunities for collaborative work. These goals support the delivery of effectiveness legal services to low-income DC residents and the strengthening of the broader legal services field in the District.

Project Design: NPC Research staff serve as the primary trainers, technical assistance providers, and network coordinators. NPC plans, designs, and facilitates monthly network meetings and other network activities.

Funding Source: DC Bar Foundation

Start Date: March 2020


NPC Project Team

Principal Investigator

Kelly Jarvis, Ph.D.


Project Director

Shannon Davidson, Ph.D.


Project Staff

David Reinitz, B.A.

Timothy Ho, Ph.D.