Guam Adult Drug Court Evaluation

Status: complete

In 1998 Guam began planning a drug court and was awarded a program-planning grant from the Drug Court Program’s Office (DCPO). The planning grant allowed key participants to attend trainings and to receive technical assistance. A team was established to review the overburdened criminal justice system, conduct research on drug courts, and determine the benefits of developing and implementing a drug court on Guam. The team’s success at planning was realized with the award Drug Court Implementation Grant in 2002 from the Bureau of Justice Assistance. Due to two major typhoons, implementation of the Adult Drug Court was delayed. In August 2003, Guam held its first Adult Drug Court session. The implementation grant also provided funds for evaluation and NPC Research was hired in 2004 to perform a process and outcome study of the Guam Adult Drug Court (GADC). The process evaluation was completed in 2005.

Project Team

Principal Investigator

Shannon M. Carey, Ph.D.

Project Coordinator

Mark S. Waller, B.A.

Reports and Publications:

Carey, S. M., & Waller, M. S. (Sept. 2005) Guam Adult Drug Court Process Evaluation: Final Report. NPC Research: Portland, OR.
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