HIV Needs Assessment

Status: complete

The study was conducted to understand the status of advanced stage care services for people living with HIV/AIDS in the Portland EMA — and determine unmet needs and barriers to meeting those needs. Sample groups of consumers of advanced stage care services, advanced stage care service providers, case managers, and insurance providers were interviewed regarding issues such as advanced stage care service capacity, unmet needs, and barriers to accessing services. NPC’s recommendations included developing an outreach/recruitment plan for non-medical in-home caregivers, supporting in-home non-medical caregivers, creating a system of in-home non-medial care providers with experience caring for multiply diagnosed consumers, and developing a program that supports family members as caregivers for people living with HIV/AIDS, among other recommendations.

Reports and Publications:

Rumptz, M. H., Mackin, J. R., Lucas, L. M., Finigan, M. W., & Burrus, M. A. (April 1999) A Needs Assessment for Advanced Stage Care Services for Persons Living with HIV/AIDS in the Portland Eligible Metropolitan Area NPC Research: Portland, OR.
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