Irvine New Leadership Network

Status: complete

Purpose: Critical social issues such as crime, unemployment, literacy, and obesity, are interdisciplinary at their roots and require a cross-sector response. The James Irvine Foundation began the Irvine New Leadership Network (NLN) in 2013, using a collective impact framework, and with the intention of supporting emerging leaders in the San Joaquin Valley by strengthening the connections between leaders working in different sectors and capitalizing on current conditions in the region supportive of change and revitalization. The NLN engages members across a wide variety of sectors, such as business, nonprofit, education, government, health, faith, and media sectors. The NLN aims to achieve outcomes in four general areas: (1) Individually, members will become better leaders; (2) Collectively, members will develop strong professional and personal connections to each other, yielding broader and more robust networks; (3) Members will identify and develop opportunities to work together, and collaborative projects will emerge; and (4) Opportunities for broader, collective impact will arise. The ultimate goal of the Network is to increase the health, well-being, and vitality of Fresno and the surrounding areas.

Project Design: NPC conducted a brief qualitative interview study, designed specifically to provide insight into the NLN’s progress in the third outcome area: the organic emergence and development of collaborations among members.

Funding Source: James Irvine Foundation (as a subcontract to McCleod-Grant Advisors)

Start Date: August 2014

Project Team

Principal Investigator

Kelly Jarvis, Ph.D.