Lane County Success By 6® Initiative, Phase I Evaluation

Status: complete

“The Success By 6 ® purpose is to unite neighborhoods, community leaders, parents, and educators in order to create a climate of success for children age zero to five.” It is a collaborative effort that involves a partnership of private businesses, government, churches, labor, education, and health and human services. The primary goal is to prevent child abuse and neglect, by strengthening families and community support systems. The initiative has five core strategies, 1) creating new community norms, 2) universal parenting education and support, 3) universal screening and family assessment, 4) risk reduction – development of a neighborhood network, and 5) rapid response – a 24/7 “warmline” to provide support and referrals to services. NPC was hired to establish measurable indicators of service utilization and outcomes in each of the core strategies, and determine the data collection and analysis costs for each of the proposed indicators.

Project Team

Evaluation Director

Juliette Mackin, Ph.D.