Minnesota Drug Court Funding and Services Provision Analysis

Status: complete

NPC conducted an analysis of the funding and service provision structures of Minnesota’s adult drug and D.W.I. courts. The project included five objectives:

  • Identify service and funding structures;
  • Identify obstacles to optimal service delivery;
  • Determine reasons for funding inequities;
  • Recommend alternatives for funding and service structures; and
  • Develop a methodology for a cost-benefit analysis of Minnesota’s drug courts.

The information gathered through this project allowed for the creation of a detailed description and flow-chart illustrating the funding streams, funding amounts, and service delivery structures of Minnesota’s drug courts. In addition, the project resulted in a series of recommendations for the State to consider regarding how to provide drug court services in the most efficient and equitable manner.

Project Team

Principal Investigator

Michael Finigan, Ph.D.


Project Staff

Jennifer Aborn, B.A.
Mark Waller, B.A.