Oregon Relief Nurseries Evaluation

Status: complete

Purpose: The mission of Oregon Relief Nurseries is to “prevent the cycle of child abuse and neglect by early intervention focusing on building successful and resilient children, strengthening parents and preserving families.” The purpose of the evaluation is to evaluate the effectiveness of the Oregon Relief Nurseries program, to enhance the statewide data collection system for the Oregon Relief Nurseries, and to enhance the data collection and evaluation capacity of the existing Nurseries.

Project Design: The NPC evaluation follows families longitudinally after intake into the Relief Nurseries, analyzing changes from intake to program exit in a number of child and family domains. Information is also collected about families’ involvement with child welfare services both before, during and after involvement with the Relief Nursery program. Outcomes are measured and evaluated each biennium as part of ongoing program quality assurance and program effectiveness monitoring.

Funding Source: Oregon Commission on Children and Families

Start Date: September 2006

Project Team

Principal Investigator

Beth Green, Ph.D.

Project Director

Scott Burrus, Ph.D.

Project Staff

Callie Lambarth, M.S.W.

Reports and Publications:

Burrus, S. W. M., & Green, B. L. (June 2007) Evaluation of Oregon’s Relief Nursery Program: 2005-2006: Final Report NPC Research: Portland, OR.
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