Oregon State Incentive Grant Enhancement for Early Childhood Prevention

Status: complete

The project work met the two primary goals identified by CSAP: (1) To enhance state prevention data infrastructure capacity; and (2) To address gaps in prevention and early intervention programs and services to meet the needs of the 0–6 population. Specifically, Oregon’s State Incentive Grant Enhancement projects aimed to: (1) institutionalize data systems that collect information about the status of Oregon’s prevention system and its ability to meet the needs of youth ages 0–6; and (2) implement and evaluate five Starting Early, Starting Smart prevention demonstration projects to build a knowledge base for successful implementation of integrated substance abuse prevention services throughout the state.

Project Team

Evaluation Director

Juliette Mackin, Ph.D.

Reports and Publications:

Mackin, J. R., & Weller, J. M. (Oct. 2007) State Incentive Grant Enhancement for Early Childhood Prevention (SIG-E), Final Evaluation Report A report to the Oregon Department of Human Services, Addictions and Mental Health Division. NPC Research, Portland, OR.
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