Preliminary Evaluation on the Use of Vivitrol in Drug Court

Status: complete

Purpose: The purpose of this evaluation was to assess the effectiveness of Vivitrol (injection Naltrexone) in seven DUI court settings in Michigan and Missouri.

Project Design: This project involved a mixed-methods design using: (1) existing DUI court data in statewide DUI court databases, (2) detailed program-related information from surveys and/or interviews, and (3) data collection for DUI court data not included in statewide databases. Key informant qualitative interviews were used to gain an understanding of the context and practices surrounding the use of Vivitrol as a medically assisted treatment in drug court. Quantitative analysis of the characteristics and progress of DUI court participants who used Vivitrol were compared to a similar sample of those who did not use Vivitrol.

Funding Source: Alkermes, Inc.

Start Date: October 2008

Project Team

Principal Investigator

Michael Finigan, Ph.D.

Project Director

Tamara Perkins, Ph.D.