San Joaquin DUI Monitoring Court

Status: complete

Purpose: In late 2011, NPC Research was contracted by the San Joaquin County Court to conduct a process and outcome evaluation of the SJDMC. For the evaluation of the SJDMC, the court was interested in learning about the effectiveness of this program in reducing DUI recidivism and protecting public safety and, if it proved to be effective, wanted a detailed process evaluation that would allow other interested jurisdictions to follow the model in implementing a similar program. There were two key policy questions of interest for the recidivism analysis. 1) Does participation in SJDMC reduce the number of new DUI convictions and 2) Does participation in SJDMC reduce the number of traffic accidents in the repeat DUI population?

Project Design: All SJDMC participants since program implementation and a comparison group of the population of repeat DUI offenders convicted of a DUI in 2006 (2 years before the program was implemented) were tracked in DMV data for recidivism events including new DUI convictions and traffic accidents for 18 months after their “index DUI.” (The Index DUI is defined as the conviction that led to participation in the SJDMC, or in the case of the comparison group, the DUI conviction that would have led to participation in the SJDMC if it had existed in 2006.)

Funding Source: California Office of Traffic Safety and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

Start Date: November 2011

Project Team

Principal Investigator

Shannon Carey, Ph.D.

Cost Analyst

Mark Waller, B.A.

Project Staff

Theresa Herrera Allen, Ph.D.


Eric Einspruch, Ph.D.

Reports and Publications:

Carey, S. M., Herrera Allen, T., & Einspruch, E. L. (Sept. 2012) San Joaquin DUI Monitoring Court Process and Outcome Evaluation. Submitted to San Joaquin County Collaborative Courts and the California Office of Traffic Safety. Portland, OR: NPC Research.
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