The Effect of the Adoption & Safe Families Act on Families with Substance Abuse Issues

Status: complete

The purpose of the research was to explore (1) the impact of the Adoption & Safe Families Act on families with substance abuse issues who are involved with the child welfare system, and (2) how child welfare systems, substance abuse treatment systems, and judicial systems are developing policy and practices that can support positive treatment outcomes and reunification for these parents. This research was developed in collaboration with local policymakers from all three involved systems, who will continue to be involved as advisors to the research. The results of this study will have direct implications for informing emerging local and national policy.

Project Team

Principal Investigator

Beth Green, Ph.D.

Co-Principal Investigator

Anna Rockhill, M.P.P.

Project Coordinator

Scott Burrus, Ph.D.

Reports and Publications:

Rockhill, A. M., Green, B. G., & Furrer, C. J. (Jan. 2007) Is the Adoption and Safe Families Act Influencing Child Welfare Outcomes for Families with Substance Abuse Issues? Child Maltreatment, 12(1), 7-19.

Green, B. L., Rockhill, A., & Burrus, S. W. M. (Nov. 2002) What Helps and What Doesn’t: Providers Talk about Meeting the Needs of Families with Substance Abuse Problems Under ASFA. NPC Research: Portland, OR.
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