Tribal Health: Reaching out InVolves Everyone (THRIVE) Evaluation

Status: current

Project Description: The Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board’s THRIVE project (Tribal Health: Reaching out InVolves Everyone) provides suicide prevention training and technical assistance to the 43 federally-recognized tribes in Oregon, Washington, and Idaho (NW). In collaboration with the NW tribes, tribal clinics, and regional partners, the project will build regional suicide-prevention capacity and prevent suicide among AI/AN youth 10-24 years old. THRIVE activities will increase the availability and use of culturally-appropriate services, resources, and messages that meet the unique needs of AI/AN youth, their families and communities.

Evaluation: The NPC evaluation team works closely with THRIVE staff, tribal partners, SAMHSA, and the national cross-site evaluator to ensure that the evaluation addresses the information needs of all stakeholders, while at the same time attending to the unique nature of the proposed project. Because of the importance of trusted relationships, NPC Research will use a participatory framework to gain the trust and cooperation of THRIVE program partners for required national cross-site evaluation, SAMHSA performance measure data collection and reporting, as well as local evaluation and reporting. NPC’s goal is to design processes and tools to make data collection and reporting accurate and efficient.

Project Design: This is a multi-method study, with process and outcome evaluation components. Process information is gathered through a series of key stakeholder interviews. The outcome evaluation involves working with the national cross-site evaluator to collect training data, information on youth identified as at risk for suicide and information about referrals to mental health and other services. Local evaluation design and implementation will be closely coordinated with THRIVE staff to ensure that it is both useful and timely. One local evaluation component will involve developing a pre-post survey for tribal youth participating in evidence-based interventions as a result of the grant.

Funding Source: Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Start Date: October 2014

Project Team

Principal Investigator

Juliette Mackin, Ph.D.

Project Director

Tamara Perkins, Ph.D.

Research Analyst

Timothy Ho, Ph.D.

Project Staff

Kim Corbett