Washington County Community Corrections Substance-Free Transitional Housing Evaluation

Status: complete

Research Purpose & Questions: NPC Research conducted a 3½-year study to evaluate the impact of Washington County Community Corrections’ drug-free transitional housing services, with a particular interest in examining the effects of Oxford Houses (resident-run substance-free houses). Specifically, the study investigated whether substance use-related transitional housing services provided measurable improvements in self-sufficiency and reductions in subsequent drug abuse and criminal offending. The study also examined the costs and benefits associated with such programs.

Project Design: This research was designed to study the impact and cost-benefit of transitional housing in a local community corrections system. The study involved interviews with clients, along with administrative data collection on three samples of individuals: clients not participating in substance-free transitional housing, clients participating in Oxford Houses, and clients participating in other types of substance-free transitional housing.

Funding Source: National Institute of Justice (NIJ)

Start Date: February 2005

Project Team

Principal Investigator

Michael Finigan, Ph.D.

Project Staff

Theresa Herrera Allen, Ph.D.

Mary Beth Sanders, B.S.