A detailed cost evaluation of a juvenile drug court that follows the juvenile drug court model (16 strategies).

Juvenile and Family Court Journal: Online, 64(4), 1–20.

November 2013


Carey, S. M., Herrera Allen, T., Perkins, T., & Waller, M.S.

Although juvenile drug courts (JDCs) have now been in operation for 17 years, there is still no definitive appraisal as to this model’s cost effectiveness and in particular, no detailed cost analysis of a JDC program following the 16 strategies until this one. The cost data presented in this paper build on the process and outcome evaluations performed on the Clackamas County Juvenile Drug Court (CCJDC). The criminal justice costs incurred by participants in drug court are compared with the costs incurred by eligible non-participants. CCJDC participants had far more positive outcomes than those who did not participate in the program. In the two years after drug court entry, CCJDC participants cost the taxpayers $961 less per participant than similar individuals who did not attend the drug court program.

Associated Staff

Shannon M. Carey
Tamara Perkins
Theresa Herrera Allen
Mark S. Waller