Policy Analysis

What is Policy Analysis?

Public policymakers and managers are interested in whether policy choices they make result in laws and public programs that are implemented and operate effectively (Are they accomplishing what they were designed to accomplish?) and efficiently (Are desired outcomes realized at the lowest cost?). Policy analysis includes methods designed to determine the effectiveness and efficiency of public policies and meaningfully report this information to policymakers.

NPC’s Approach to Policy Analysis

NPC is usually involved in analyzing policies after they have been implemented. We are called upon to answer questions public policymakers have regarding the effectiveness and efficiency of policy choices they make. These questions are ultimately very practical ones involving whether citizens are being served as intended and whether the taxpayer is receiving value for public resources invested.

NPC’s approach to evaluation and research is designed to deal with these questions regarding policy implementation and operation so that information of practical value is made available to policymakers. Through the application of its practice-informed methods of process and outcome analysis and the power of the Transactional and Institutional Cost Analysis (TICA) approach, NPC assists policymakers in understanding their policy choices,, as compared to other policy choices that may be available.

For more information regarding NPC’s approach to Policy Analysis, please contact the Office Manager at (503) 243-2436 x 113, or bruhn@npcresearch.com.