Research and Program Evaluation

What is Research and Program Evaluation?

Research and program evaluation at NPC involves the systematic collection of information to answer a broad range of questions about human service, criminal justice, environmental, and other programs and policies.

NPC’s Approach to Research and Program Evaluation

Researchers at NPC provide timely, relevant data to help program stakeholders and policymakers make data-driven decisions about program development, implementation, and dissemination. NPC brings a multi-disciplinary and multi-method approach to research and program evaluation. Staff have extensive experience in an array of methodologies to ensure that each research and evaluation project is matched with the most appropriate research and statistical methods. Projects include studies ranging from large scale randomized clinical trials to smaller formative and qualitative process studies.

NPC provides academically rigorous research and evaluation of programs while maintaining a strong commitment to working collaboratively with program staff and other key stakeholders. In addition, we report our findings and present our recommendations in ways that are designed to be used in policy development, program implementation, program management, and service delivery.

NPC’s research and evaluation portfolio includes both small and large projects, sponsored through local, state, and national agencies representing public and private sectors. We actively partner with human service programs to assist with developing fundable evaluation components for program grant proposals.

For more information regarding NPC’s services related to Research and Program Evaluation, please contact the Office Manager at (503) 243-2436 x 113, or