Technical Assistance and Consultation

What is Technical Assistance and Consultation?

Public policymakers and managers are not only interested in determining whether or not programs are implemented and operating efficiently and effectively, they are also interested in improving program operation. Technical assistance and consultation involves assisting programs in improving program effectiveness and efficiency through the use of research findings and experience that support best practices.

NPC’s Value as a Technical Assistance and Consultation Resource

A blend of academic training, diverse experience as practitioners, and extensive research accomplishments make NPC’s staff a valuable resource for public policy makers and managers seeking to realize high levels of program performance. The tremendous variety of work that we have performed throughout the United States as practitioners and researchers results in an understanding of best practices in many areas of public human service programming. However, of perhaps greater importance to public policymakers and managers, is our ability and willingness to work with our clients to ensure that we are providing you with the resources you truly need. Our collaborative approach takes into account your distinct contextual factors. This makes us valuable partners with our clients.

Examples of Technical Assistance and Consultation Services

  • Budget analysis and financial management
  • Process analysis
  • Strategic planning
  • Program logic modeling
  • Grant preparation
  • Data management
  • Performance monitoring
  • Training/professional development

For more information regarding NPC’s approach to Technical Assistance and Management Consultation, please contact Charley Jaspera at (503) 243-2436 x 113, or