What are Trainings?

Trainings provide information and guidance on a variety of topic areas, leading to a client’s ability to work more independently in new areas. Trainings provide an opportunity for clients to learn from NPC research staff with extensive experience relevant to the client’s needs. Trainings usually occur at the client’s office or a nearby facility.

NPC’s Approach to Training

NPC Research staff has offered technical assistance and training to a variety of local and state organizations for more than 10 years. NPC Research trainers have years of practical experience and hold master’s or doctorate degrees. In most cases, the type of training is tailored to fit the needs of an organization and may involve several aspects of research and evaluation. Trainings are an investment in an organization’s future. Participants will learn skills, methods, and techniques that will save them time and improve their approach to research and evaluation. In addition to serving as the evaluator to many programs over the years, NPC has also helped organizations, including nonprofits, to establish their own internal evaluation plan, allowing the organizations to conduct their own future evaluations without the expense of periodically hiring an outside evaluator.

Examples of NPC Training Topic Areas

  • Logic model development
  • Survey development
  • Risk assessment tool development and application
  • Strengths Assessment
  • Drug Court Evaluation (Juvenile, Adult, Family)
  • Cost-benefit analysis tool development and application
  • Data collection (retrospective, administrative, etc.)
  • Qualitative data analysis (analysis of open-ended responses)
  • Quantitative data analysis (analysis of closed-ended responses)

For more information on NPC trainings, please contact Charley Jaspera at (503) 243-2436 x 113, or