Community Health

What is Community Health?

Community health initiatives work to improve public health through advocacy and reforms in service delivery. Collaboration between service providers, systems integration, programs for communities with specific health disparities, home visiting services, improved referral networks, risk behavior monitoring, evidence-based practice, and coordinated wraparound services are all examples of efforts designed to enhance the health and well-being of targeted populations.

NPC Research and Community Health

push-ups-888024_960_720NPC Research has several years of experience working with community health initiatives in a variety of capacities including program development; training and technical assistance; program evaluation planning; assessing community readiness; community needs assessment; survey development, administration, and processing; continuous program improvement; and process and outcome evaluation. The NPC Research team has the breadth of technical expertise necessary to provide a broad range of services, as well as a depth of understanding about working collaboratively with communities.

Key staff:
Shannon M. Carey
Kelly L. Jarvis
Kate Kissick
Juliette R. Mackin
Anna Tamarkin
Tamara Perkins
Jerod M. Tarte