Substance Abuse Treatment

What is Substance Abuse Treatment?

According to the Federal Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, the role of substance abuse treatment is to promote “a life in the community for everyone by reducing substance abuse in America.” The personal, social and financial cost of substance abuse to individuals, the community and the nation is staggering. Substance abuse treatment works toward decreasing or stopping abuse, allowing individuals to become effective community members.

NPC Research and Substance Abuse Treatment

Group therapy sessionNPC Research has worked extensively in substance abuse treatment research and evaluation since its founding in 1990. One of its earliest contracts (1990) was to help evaluate Oregon Governor Neil Goldschmidt’s Drug Control Policy Initiative. In 1996, NPC conducted a statewide analysis of substance abuse treatment for the State of Oregon, that provided Oregon with estimates of the cost advantages to treatment across the state. (Societal Outcomes and Cost Savings of Drug and Alcohol Treatment in the State of Oregon). Since then, NPC has conducted over 25 studies of the effectiveness of substance abuse treatment in a variety of settings, including drug courts. These studies have been conducted in Oregon, California, Maryland, Michigan Indiana, New York, Nevada and Guam—making NPC Research a nationally known research firm in substance abuse research. NPC enjoys maintaining strong collaborations with numerous substance abuse treatment agencies. In more than 15 years of experience serving substance abuse prevention agencies and programs, NPC has been fortunate to fulfill that goal, with increasingly enhanced understanding and innovation.

Key staff:
Shannon M. Carey
Kelly L. Jarvis
Kate Kissick
Lisa M. Lucas
Juliette R. Mackin
Marny S. Rivera
Tamara Perkins