Cyrus Tadjiki, B.S.



Cyrus Tadjiki joined NPC Research in November 2022 as a Researcher and Data Analyst. Since joining NPC, Mr. Tadjiki has worked on a variety of research and evaluation projects related to treatment courts and child abuse prevention programs. Additionally, Mr. Tadjiki assisted automating NPC’s Best Practice assessments as part of the treatment court evaluation process.

Mr. Tadjiki has experience in data automation and empirical analysis in R and Excel along with report making experience using R Markdown and GitHub. His background also includes quantitative research methods, as well as extensive data cleaning, processing big data, econometrics, and machine learning. Prior to joining NPC, Mr. Tadjiki conducted research analyzing domestic abuse during the pandemic.

Mr. Tadjiki earned a Bachelor of Science in Economics from the University of Oregon.

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