Erica J. Boyce, Ph.D.

Research Associate


Erica J. Boyce is a Research Associate at NPC Research with a primary focus on treatment court evaluation. Most recently, she is assisting the Wyoming Supreme Court with the development of treatment court standards, planning for and facilitating Bureau of Justice Assistance listening sessions with treatment court personnel across the country, and reviewing best practices for treatment courts. Prior to joining NPC, Dr. Boyce was a Senior Court Research Associate at the National Center for State Courts. In this role, she served as the project director for several projects including a drug court technical assistance grant in Maryland, two Health and Human Services Elder Justice Guardianship grants, the Illinois Judicial Performance Evaluation, and Colorado’s District and Court of Appeals Judicial Officer workload assessment studies. Dr. Boyce assisted with the development of various treatment court performance measures and helped court staff with the implementation and management of related data collection processes and protocols. She also focused on jury management projects, including researching effects of remote jury selection and trials, evaluating jury selection procedures to determine community representation, aiding courts converting from a 2-step summoning to 1-step process, and authoring a report regarding the effect of jury size.

Dr. Boyce has extensive experience designing and implementing applied research and program evaluation projects in the criminal legal, substance use prevention, and education fields. She is trained in both quantitative and qualitative research methodologies including quasi-experimental designs, surveys, in-depth interviews, and focus group facilitation. Dr. Boyce has delivered numerous presentations and trainings regarding research design and data interpretation to various audiences and has personally prepared partners to apply study results effectively.

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