Jessica A. Dahlgren, Ph.D.

Research Associate & Project Manager

Phone: (503) 243-2436

Fax: (503) 243-2454


Dr. Dahlgren, researcher and data analyst at NPC Research has worked on projects related to child and youth well-being and educational success for seven years within the Corvallis and Portland, Oregon communities. For six of those years, Dr. Dahlgren was a Research Assistant for multiple Institute of Education Sciences research grants where she studied self-regulation skills within public school classrooms during early childhood in relation to children’s academic achievement.  Throughout her time on these grants Dr. Dahlgren collected data, cleaned and managed the data, analyzed data for professional presentations, and managed undergraduate and graduate researchers.  It is through this work that she began investigating protective factors for children with incarcerated parents to assist in efforts to stop the cycle of intergenerational incarceration.  Because of these efforts Dr. Dahlgren now sits on several committees to assist children with incarcerated parents around the state of Oregon.  At NPC research Dr. Dahlgren has worked on several evaluation projects that have focused on children and youth well-being (e.g., Healthy Families Oregon, Friends of the Children, etc.). She has worked on evaluations of policy, analyses of program efficacy, and data collection efforts.  Dr. Dahlgren is well versed in learning new data collection procedures and also training others to give validated measures effectively.

Dr. Dahlgren earned her B.A. in Psychology, M.S. in Human Development and Family Studies, and her Ph.D. in Human Development and Family Studies from Oregon State University.

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Zilius, C., Dahlgren, J., Carey, S., Herrera-Allen, T., Johnson, A., Aborn, J. (December 2020) Treatment Courts and COVID-19: Adapting Operations
Report /
Dahlgren, J., Woodson, T., Rivera, M.S. (October 2020) Alaska’s Prescription Drug Monitoring Program
Report /
publication Drug Courts/ Problem-Solving Courts