Leanza Walker, M.S.


Phone: (503) 243-2436

Email: walker@npcresearch.com

Leanza Walker joined NPC Research in June 2021 as a Researcher. Mrs. Walker has a background in psychological research, which has given her substantial experience in both research design as well as data processing and analysis. In addition, she completed coursework in advanced statistics as well as program evaluation. Along with her extensive experience using SPSS for statistical analysis, she also has experience creating and maintaining relational databases using Microsoft Access as well as conducting survey research using software such as Qualtrics and QuestionPro.

At NPC, Mrs. Walker has conducted both quantitative and qualitative analyses and composed reports for several evaluations within American Indian communities. Among her other duties are gathering and entering data, performing data processing, assisting with report writing, creating data visuals, summarizing findings, and assisting with survey development.

Mrs. Walker earned a Master of Science in Research Psychology from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.

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