Sarah Rowse, B.A.


Sarah Rowse joined NPC Research in May of 2022 as a Researcher and Data Analyst. With a background in civil legal aid, specifically eviction defense advocacy, Ms. Rowse works on several Civil Legal Counsel evaluation projects at NPC. Her extensive qualitative analysis experience stems from database management, including building, updating, and maintaining client data across various platforms. Additional skills include identifying data sources, gathering and entering data, conducting thorough interviews, and summarizing findings. Ms. Rowse’s legal case management and qualitative analysis skills contribute to NPC’s diverse work in court-based social services programs.

Sarah Rowse also evaluates treatment courts, including the Juvenile Drug Court Expansion Program in Colombia. Using her Spanish language fluency, Ms. Rowse communicates with key project partners, reviews program surveys, completes reports, as well as translates and interprets complex court data. Additionally, Ms. Rowse uses various types of quantitative research techniques and methods to clean, manage, and analyze nationwide data. Her experience in quantitative data processing contributes to NPC’s analysis strategies using SPSS. These skills stem from Ms. Rowse’s coursework in geographical statistics (GIS), when she performed quantitative geographical analysis for GIS interpretation. Her emerging statistical analysis and data visualization skills also contribute to NPC’s commitment to high-quality and informative deliverables to provide programs with data-driven feedback and recommendations.

Ms. Rowse earned a Bachelor of Arts in International Studies and Geography from the University of Denver.

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