Kelly L. Jarvis, Ph.D.

Senior Research Associate

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Kelly Jarvis, Senior Research Associate at NPC Research, aspires to bridge the gap between science and service by making evaluation research meaningful and accessible to social service systems and organizations. She assists her clients in developing an empirical basis for their program and policy initiatives and in collecting data to inform program improvement. Dr. Jarvis often works with interdisciplinary and cross-sector collaborations formed to address any of a wide range of social issues, such as domestic violence, substance use, behavioral health, family functioning, and youth development. She is skilled at interacting with diverse project stakeholders and discerning central lines of research inquiry, study design elements, and measurement approaches that balance scientific rigor with field-based practicality. Her goal is to ensure the collection, analysis, and interpretation of data in a way that most meaningfully impacts her clients’ program development, delivery, and decision-making. She maintains this goal whether she is directly conducting the study or providing consultation and technical assistance to support organizations conducting their own internal evaluation.

At NPC, Dr. Jarvis is responsible for all aspects of research and evaluation, including study design and methodology, data management and analysis, presentations and report writing, technical assistance provision, staff oversight, and project management. She currently directs several studies, including evaluations of: The Sargent Shriver Civil Right to Counsel Act (California AB 590), statewide legislation that established pilot projects to provide legal representation to low-income litigants in civil cases impacting critical livelihood issues such as eviction, child custody, and domestic violence; the California Children’s Justice Act Children Exposed to Domestic Violence Specialized Response Programs, state issued grants to form local interdisciplinary collaborations to improve the system’s response to violence exposed children; and the SBIRT Oregon Training Initiative, a statewide workforce development initiative to train medical and clinical professionals and students regarding the integration of behavioral health into primary care settings.

Dr. Jarvis earned her Doctorate at the University of California, Irvine, in Psychology and Social Behavior.

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Title Type Category
Jarvis, K., Lucas, L., & Smith, C. (May 2016) Oregon Arts Commission’s Connecting Students to the World of Work Grants: Cohort I Evaluation Report Portland, OR: NPC Research
Report / Executive Summary /
publication Youth Development
Sargent Shriver Civil Counsel Act Evaluation project Other
POSE Character Building Training Evaluation Consultation project Youth Development
Einspruch, E. L., Jarvis, K. L., Waller, M. S., Mackin, J. R., & Carey, S. M. (March 2015) Randomized Controlled Trial of Measure 57 Intensive Drug Court for Medium- to High-Risk Property Offenders: Process, Interviews, Costs, and Outcomes Portland, OR: NPC Research
Report / Research Brief /
publication Criminal Justice, Drug Courts/ Problem-Solving Courts, Substance Abuse Treatment
Connecting Students to the World of Work project Youth Development
Montana Partnership for Success Evaluation Consultation project Substance Abuse Prevention
Evaluation of the California Children’s Justice Act project Child Abuse and Child Abuse Prevention, Criminal Justice, Early Childhood and Family Well-Being
Evaluation of the Family Recovery Program – Baltimore project Drug Courts/ Problem-Solving Courts, Early Childhood and Family Well-Being, Substance Abuse Treatment
SBIRT Oregon Training Initiative (Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment) project Community Health, Substance Abuse Treatment, Other
Jarvis, K. L., Redfield, M., & Zil, C. E. (October 2013) Enhancing Systems’ Response to Children Exposed to Domestic Violence (CEDV): An Evaluation of the California Children’s Justice Act CEDV Programs, Process Evaluation Report Portland, OR: NPC Research
Report /
publication Child Abuse and Child Abuse Prevention, Criminal Justice
Irvine New Leadership Network project Community Health, Other
Measure 57 (OR) Statewide Drug Court Evaluation project Criminal Justice, Drug Courts/ Problem-Solving Courts, Substance Abuse Treatment